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Yes, I did fall for the fade. I’m four colors into my Find Your Fade kit from Lichen and Lace, and it’s so sweet to knit. It’s comforting and simple, the alternating garter and lace keep it from becoming overly monotonous, and the colors are to die for.

I switched a couple things up for the shawl. Really just one thing.

Something that happens when you buy hand-dyed yarn is that colors vary from skein to skein. While the images I expected were a medium-value yellow-orange named Daylily and a medium value yellow-red named Rhubarb, I got a lighter yellow with bits of dandelion and orange and a dark red with streaks of a darker golden yellow. Both are gorgeous. The issue is that now my values are quite different and they’re right next to each other.

Solution? I found this post on instagram by following #findyourfadeshawl on Instagram. (Side note: Stay motivated doing your project by following it’s hashtag. It’s like a never-ending knitalong for every project you’re doing. Magical.) Lauren faded her shawl a little differently, using Mara Catherine Bryner’s How I Roll pattern. After knitting the standard fade with Daylily and Rhubarb, I wanted to try something different, so I ripped back *gasp*, and I tried it out.

Knitting at my day job.

It’s more forgiving and less pattern-looking, which I appreciate. It did throw my stitch counts off, so my shawl will be wider than the pattern specifies. I’m not worried. 

Additionally, I have the collar and the beginnings of shoulders knit for my Fireside Pullover. (Again, follow the hashtag for your project.) I overcame my gauge woes by knitting English style in the round and by rereading the pattern. The genius Jane Richmond has written her pattern with measurements as opposed to row counts for length, so as long as I calculate my row gauge after blocking into each measurement, I should come out with a sweater that hits right where I want it. 

Granted, I’ll probably finish the sweater in June or July. Maybe I should take a summer vacation north.

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