Three Sweaters Brewing

As much as I don’t like to admit it to myself, I do not need to buy yarn. I have three sweaters worth of yarn waiting for me to knit, and it’s honestly about time I got to it.  

Here are the contenders.

I have Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Stormy set aside for Fireside, by Jane Richmond. I’ve been in love with this pattern since it dropped, it looks like it will be a fun and relatively quick knit, so I don’t know what’s stopping me.

Jane Richmond’s Fireside

I have Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport in Mink Heather and White set aside for Bobbie by Pam Allen of Quince and Co. This pattern, while perfect, may not end up looking as fantastic on me as I want, so I’ll have to wait and see about that one. Things I love: the sleeves, the stripes, the length, the boxiness. Things I might not love: The length with the boxiness. I haven’t super decided yet.

Pam Allen’s Bobbie

I have recycled merino in the color of a porcini mushroom. When I say recycled, I mean that I purchased a sweater from the thrift store, unraveled it, washed it, and hung it to dry so the kinks are all gone, and now I have beautiful yarn. I’ve been considering Grace by Jane Richmond, even though my lace skills are not so great. I always miss a yarn over, or I don’t knit two together when I should. Regardless, the pattern is beautiful, and I would probably wear it all the time.

Jane Richmond’s Grace

So there they are. My next three sweaters. Here’s what I propose: one sweater on the needles at a time, and one sweater on the needles at all times. It can’t be that hard to finish three sweaters, right? Worst comes to worst, I’ll have entirely too much wool ready to wear by the spring thaw. 

Watch and Knit: November

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Knitting is a kind of magic. Every stitch that goes into a piece has within it some of the moment of when it was made. Sometimes the moments are passed in a car or plane, traveling to somewhere new. Sometimes they’re moments spent outdoors, in the sun or snuggled under a blanket. And sometimes, they are moments, lots of moments,  spent on the couch, watching television.

While it may not seem as romantic or picturesque as other knitting, there is definitely something to be said for curling up with some tea and Netflix on a cold rainy evening and knitting to your heart’s content. It is with that in mind that I bring you Watch and Knit, my monthly recommendations of filmed entertainment and patterns to go with them.

I have loved Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events for years. I’ve eagerly devoured every interpretation of such a lovely, heartbreaking, and complex set of stories. I fell for the books, the audiobooks (read by Tim Curry), and the movie, and now I am head over heels for the Netflix series. Angus Strathie is responsible for the costumes in the latest incarnation of the Baudelaires, and nothing caught my eye more than the hand knits the children wear.

A lot of love goes into knitting a piece for someone.  And, when you see the tenderness the Baudelaires now live without, it gives the loss in every scene that much more gravity.

If you are looking for an evening that will both tear you to pieces and make you laugh out loud, I recommend giving Lemony Snicket a chance. You might be inspired to cast on a cardigan of your own for yourself or a dear loved one. May I suggest Elizabeth Doherty’s Sans Serif. Its simplicity can take you through many adventures, and it would look adorable over dresses, coveralls, and the odd disguise. Add a matching ribbon, and you’re ready to invent your way out of a tight spot.

Sans Serif designed by Elizabeth Doherty

I can’t wait to see what the next season will bring.